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Team De La Parure

DSC_0800 - versie 2Our objectives.

Total devotion to the French bulldog breed by four dedicated enthusiasts. All four sincere lovers, breeders, owners, handlers, care takers and even three FCI breed judges assures that everyone at De la Parure is extremely involved with our beloved breed. We all devote our time to contribute our share to the success of our kennel.

With over four decades experience, knowledge and expertise at hand we try to breed a healthy French bulldog which comes as close to the desired breed standard as possible. The four of us form an unique and unparalleled team dedicated solely to the French bulldog.


The founders of De la Parure.

In the early seventies my parents were the founders of our, in the mean time , world-wide known French bulldog kennel. Our dogs would not and could not have been so successful without their complete dedication to the French bulldog breed. Their devotion to improve the breed was and still is unparalleled and this did not stay unnoticed. The Dutch Kennel Club praised their contribution to the improvement and promotion of the Dutch French bulldog and the breed in general.

Victor and Riki where invited to come over to the residence of the Dutch Kennel Club in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. They where selected to receive the Dutch Kennel Club’s ‘Medal of Honor‘. Both got decorated with a beautiful golden pin with the logo of the Dutch Kennel Club.

President of the Dutch Kennel Club, Mr. C. Last, congratulated Victor and Riki with all the memorable and historical results which they achieved with the French bulldogs bred under the ‘De la Parure’ affix for over 40 years.

The Dutch Kennel Club gave my parents the respect for their achievements, persistence and the efforts in order to improve and promote the French bulldog breed.

Although my parents took a “step back” they are still and will always be inextricably connected with De la Parure. We have still numerous conversations and discussions  in regards the French bulldog on a daily basis.

My father is also involved in some committees and he organizes the largest bi-annual Bull Breed show in Europe of which he is the president as well. Furthermore he is president of the Dutch Boston Terrier Club, president of the Dutch French bulldog Club, president of the CAC-CACIB Outdoor Uden Show. Besides taking part in these committees he judges currently approximately 70 breeds and his judging assignments take him all over the globe.

Besides the Frenchies my mother loves to experiment in the kitchen and people who visited us know she’s a great “chef”. Her latest “hobby” nowadays are their grandchildren Max & Luuk. They love to spend time with them and often entertain them while we are busy with the dogs.

Of course my parents will never stop from being busy with French bulldogs since they are inextricable connected with the French bulldog breed.


The next generation.

Since many years my wife and I are responsible for the every day care of the dogs.  Both Chantal & Dimitry are also FCI judges and take great pride in judging their beloved breed. Chantal runs the kennel on a daily basis and knows all ‘inns and outs’. Needles to say she also takes care of our reproduction program and total care of our puppies. Dimitry has a demanding professional career which means visiting clients around the globe as well but he helps where ever needed and possible. Besides this he keeps in touch with befriended breeders, (co-)owners in order to keep an overview of the results and performances of the De la Parure French bulldogs worldwide.

Dimitry is also quite active in the ‘Club Life’ as vice president of the Belgium French bulldog Club, committee member Dutch Boston Terrier Club, committee member Outdoor Uden show, committee member Bull Breed Only Show.

As you can read and understand there is never a dull moment during a ‘normal’ day for one of the De la Parure family members therefore please note that our dogs are not our livelihood however they are a crucial part of our lives!


“Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things”

Denis Diderot – 1713 – 1784