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Importing a la Parure

At De la Parure we have quite some experience with exporting French Bulldogs.

Transporting French Bulldogs takes some special preperation though. The French Bulldog is a delicate dog and transport should be done by professionals! We have a excellent team of professionals at our disposal.

When transporting a French Bulldog there are three options available:

  • Since most European countries are in driving distance from Belgium many future owner’s come to us by car. A good idea if you want to taste our belgian chocolate and visit our kennel! In case somebody is not able to drive to us we have the posibility of delivering the dog to you by a professional driver. We have a excellent team available with connections throughout Europe. Please note that this is not a regular forwarder but a dedicated service for animals only!
  • Another option is that the future owner ‘flies in’ and comes to us or to a meetingpoint at the airport whatever the client prefers. The client can take the dog as ‘carry on’ luggage or has to check the dog in as seperate luggage/cargo. Please note that the rules differ per airline. They mostly have certain restrictions in terms of maximum weight and maximum dimensions of the crate in case of a dog as a ‘carry on’!
  • The third option is transporting the dog as seperate luggage/cargo. This maybe sounds a bit dreary in the first place but, so far, we’ve got very good experiences. Your French Bulldog will be placed in a seperate climatised and compressed area of the plane.

Our team always escorts the dog to the seperate area in the plane just prior to departure. They personaly make sure the dog is in place and under the proper conditions. This is unusual and only possible due to the fact we only work with the best service available. In order to ensure a safe flight as possible we only use A-status airlines such as KLM, Lufthansa etc. Mostly direct flight are available in order to keep the traveling time as short as possible.

Whether you need us to arange: chip registration, rabies legislation, quaratine organisation, export permit, legislation by the Ministery of Agriculture, legislation of a embassy, custom clearance, custom declaration, VAT invoice, we at De la Parure make sure you have the proper paperwork with the dog upon it’s arival at the airport of your desire.

De la Parure clients only have to pick up the dog at the airport, that’s all!

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives”
William A. Foster.