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We want to welcome you on our website. Since we're very proud of the achievements of our dogs world wide we wanted to provide the French Bulldog enthusiasts with comprehensive information concerning the foundation, development and success of the De la Parure kennel and the people running it. We also wanted to endorse the importance of several influential personalities.
You'll quickly notice this is not a website solely dedicated to the French Bulldog breed or the De la Parure kennel. It also provides information about connected and even, at first sight,  not connected topics and subjects.  I personaly find the topics addressed interesting and I wanted to share them in order to provide more general and even cultural and educational information.
When I started building this website I encountered so many interesting items, articles, pictures, statues, paintings, drawnings which I want to share with you. This site will be updated continuously, so do come back on a regular basis. You'll find new information covering several topics regarding the French Bulldog breed.
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“Have no fear of perfection- you`ll never reach it”
Salvador Dali - 1904 - 1989

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